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I don’t understand why people get so spiffy over the word ‘privilege’ it’s a real word that describes things. 

White people use this word amongst themselves but hate having it used to describe their short comings.

   ”X came from a privileged background”

   ”I had the privilege of going abroad this summer”

   ”It is an honor and a privilege to be here to day”

White people, why do you hate this word so much just because it has the word ‘white’ in front of it?

As much as you love making things about yourself, you also love evading responsibility for why your successes are successes in the first place.

- thelittlekneesofbees 


White privilege is being described as “Tina with the red hair and glasses” instead of “Black Tina” or “Asian Tina” etc. It is not having race as your defining descriptor.

White privilege is seeing rows upon rows of major brand make up and knowing that your skin tone was kept in mind when they were produced.

White privilege is being able to still be considered a decent person despite your racism.


White privilege is being able to purchase marijuana 15 feet away from a cop.


White privilege is being surprised that racism still exists.

"What do you mean racism still exists? It’s the 21st century!"


White privilege is white people following this blog and not collecting the white people who reblog this from them adding some asinine, racist and xenophobic remarks.


I remember this one time a white guy(might have been an ex of mine) tried to tell me having “street smarts” is a privilege. Uhm, no, it is a skill set that came out of the need for survival in the state of oppression that is broken communities and violence tension due to poverty. Nigga, these streets ain’t nice! What the fuck. NO.

In case your white friends said this shit to you


White privilege is naming yourself the head of a religion that was pretty much all run by black people. And requiring that in order to be recognized, one must recognize you as the head. White privilege is getting a degree in said black culture, then naming yourself an expert.


White privilege is not being shot at by police while holding a rifle. They are there for a seizure of animals and this guy had the audacity to pull out a rifle and make aggressive moves towards the cops and he was not shot.

White privilege is being alive after this whole ordeal.

Just putting this out there…


As a white person who follows and learns a lot from thisiswhiteprivilege, I will sometimes ask questions or attempt to clarify things for other followers who just don’t seem to get it. I have NEVER had thisiswhiteprivilege respond to me with any sort of aggressiveness.

But let me tell you, as a white person following a blog that is a space for PoC, if I ever do receive any sort of aggression from thisiswhiteprivilege, I can promise that I will have deserved it.

If I send an ask and I get a response of “fuck off,” I am going to fuck off. And then I will sit and think really fucking hard about why I received that response. And then, when I realize what stupidass thing I did, I will come back, apologize sincerely, and come away with new knowledge on how to be an ally.

So, tumblrverse, don’t sit there and fucking whine because thisiswhiteprivilege told you to fuck off, called you a cracker, or referred to you as a little shit. Think about why you got that response and get the hell over yourself.


When PoC’s really think the vast majority of white people care what they think about white people and need justification just because the 1% who do live on the internet.


He says as he makes a post about me and tags me in it.


White privilege is knowing your opinion will most likely be valued. White privilege is never having to hear your personal experiences, the pain you feel daily, dismissed as “anecdotal evidence,” and unworthy of discussion.