White privilege is never being second-guessed or doubted as an elite status member of an airline. It’s never being condescendingly asked, “Are you SURE you’re supposed to be in this line?” every. single. time. you fly.

It’s never being the only person in a long line of white people to be asked to show proof of status. It’s never having your ticket double or triple checked again even after you’ve sat down in your seat and have your seatbelt buckled. It’s never being made to feel like you don’t belong.

So fuck you and your recline; imagine not even warranting a seat at all in the eyes of others.


White privilege is white kids wearing the confederate flag on football game days because our mascot is the “Rebel” and black kids get sent home for wearing Malcolm X shirts because it’s “distracting.”

This happened last year and it’s going to happen again this year. The school is Byrnes High in Duncan SC. It was just on ESPNU because the football team is good and they get TV coverage. 

Black kids are treated bad at this school. Two of my friends went to the principal to complain about the shirts last year and he LAUGHED at us. He said that if its “distracting” it has to go. I told him I found the confederate shirt distracting and he said it wasn’t.

The only way my friends and I can think to get our voices heard is to shout down their Bond Proposal which getting voted on in September. None of the local press will even listen to us. We want the internet to make this go viral so the school and community hears our voice.


White privilege is never having your name called out in class immediately when you are watching a video/movie/TV show/cartoon because there is a character/actor of the same race as you, and then instantly hearing laughs and jokes from others.


White privilege is the second one person calls you out for making a racist comment on any social media, ten more people will support you and blatantly ignore your comment because all of a sudden you’ve become a ‘victim of cyberbullying’ and somehow that’s more important.

Submission from supernovae 

Mod note: My favorite example of this was tumblr user communismkills, who posted content that was venomously racist, classist, ableist, anti-feminist, and all around gross, but the moment anyone made fun of her, suddenly the entire social justice community had to stop and have a dozen essay-length posts go up about why it’s sooooooo unacceptable to call an ugly racist an ugly racist. It is always hilarious to watch these wannabe social justice bloggers demonstrate that they clearly harbor such racialized standards of what is and isn’t acceptable.

The face of cyber bullying has always been young, conventionally attractive, middle class whites, and because of that, people are instantly more prone to defend cyber bullying as it happens to white people while not even recognizing that posting racist content on the internet is as much a form of cyber bullying as anything else.


White privilege is not feeling anxious about having to hear racist comments again once school starts back up.


White privilege is not being pulled over after hydroplaning in the rain at 12:30 P.M., and being tested for DUI, and not having the officer harass you until you blow a 0.00 on the breathalyzer.

It’s not being pulled over at 2 A.M. because you “don’t have your headlights on,” then being told that you’re getting a warning for having your headlights “too low.”

It’s not being afraid to call out the officers on pulling you over for Driving While White because the cops in your city have never unjustly shot a white person during your lifetime at a traffic stop and got off virtually scot-free.


White privilege is… being able to walk somewhere with a group of similar people and not have kids or other people mock and pretend to speak the non-English language. (I turned around when a group of kids did that to me literally behind my back and told them “I speak English perfectly well, thanks!”, to which their reaction was “oooh, BUSTED”)

White privilege is not having someone tell you that you would really like a tv show because it blends the cultures of China and the Old West, only for there not to be any use of Chinese other than to sound profound or to curse… and for there to not be any Asian actors on the show in question.

White privilige is being able to watch 2 shows of “pretty white people” and pretend that there is not any Asians in the area where the shows are set even though there are sizable Asian communities in both locations.


white privilege is not getting called in airport security to see if you’re carrying cocaine, marijuana, etc, due to your nationality.

White privilege is going to the States and not getting asked if “You have some drugs I can buy” or “Do you now how to make pot brownies.”

My nationality and my race don’t make me a drug exporter.


White privilege is not having your immigrant parents hide “ethnic food” whenever your white friends come over because of that time in primary school one of your white friends looked at your mum’s congee and sardine and called it “cat food”. 

Submission from N L


White privilege is ignoring the opinions of PoC while arguing against racism.  If you do not experience the ramifications of racism then you cannot tell people how to end it.


White privilege is having to make up fake scenarios where “racism” could happen to white people in an attempt to prove that white people can experience racism too.


White privilege is never being discriminated against and not rented a place solely because of your race, even though it may be illegal. I had been finding it unusually hard to find a place to rent in London - I could provide all the necessary paperwork, pay for 6 months up front and have been employed for years, but for some reason lettings agents always seemed to be making excuses not to rent to me or saying that “the property is off the market/somebody new just took the place” whenever I called to make an offer or ask to view a property. 

When I finally did find a place, it was with other black women whom a mutual friend recommended me to. I told them in puzzlement about how it had taken me months to find a place, and potential landlords and estate agents seemed to dislike me and be brushing me off for no reason at all, whereas everyone else I know who has moved to London has been able to find a place within a couple of weeks at most. They told me that, though it’s illegal for estate agents to discriminate, they can still do it on behalf of landlords if the landlord so requests - they’re just very secretive about this.

I read some online articles they showed me about this and was horrified - a couple of British newspapers did some undercover journalism, and apparently the majority of estate agents in a certain area would see no problem with not letting to people of a particular race if the landlord asked for it. They were even filmed saying stuff like “We can tell by speaking to them on the phone what colour they are” on camera! That was when I realised that just because racial discrimination is supposedly illegal does not make it impossible for racism to still take place and go completely unpunished.


White privilege is not even thinking twice about reporting something to/calling the police.
I had a friend who in college once came back to his dorm covered in mud and fall asleep on the floor because he was so tired. He sometimes sleeps with his eyes open. His roommate went into the room, saw him there, thought he was dead, and left the room and went to class.
When my friend showed up for class, his roommate thought he was seeing a ghost. When his roommate told him what happened, my friend asked why he didn’t call the police.
His roommate told him he was afraid that he would be blamed for murder and went to class to have an alibi.
Society has scared black people to the point where they can’t help others. That’s seriously beyond messed up.


White privilege is going up to someone of color and trying to “speak their language” despite being completely wrong and just laughing about it afterwards despite clearing being racist in that moment. Just because someone is tan/of color doesn’t mean they are [insert race], and just because someone is tan/of color doesn’t mean they speak [insert language].


White privilege is the ability to write awful and grammatically atrocious lines as a well-paid copywriter, then criticize non-white students for “displaying a lot of trouble with English” only because they speak with an accent.