White privilege is protesting about ‘Shariah Law’ (without having a clue about what that is) in country you’ve never heard of just to get the feel good feeling that you did something for those poor voiceless brown folk.


White privilege is being able to disregard and belittle literature from cultures that are not yours by saying that “they use stupid words” and “these African names are too hard to pronounce”, and then think that the PoC that calls you out on this is overly-sensitive and needs to get over it, because you weren’t trying to be offensive.


White privilege is being able to throw a “Forbidden City” Prom with little to no consequences. White privilege is being able to tokenize and reduce my Chinese culture into a gimmick while simultaneously mocking me as a the “super smart Asian girl.” White privilege is seeing such acts of misrepresentation as cultural celebration. It’s only acceptable when white people appropriate it, right? 


White privilege is not being street harassed because of your race. It is not being called a “fucking Paki bitch” as you go shopping and walk past a bunch of teenage boys waiting for the bus, who laugh and jeer at you and call out ethnic stereotypes despite the fact you are minding your own business. It is not having a white boy yell at you “What? Speak English!” and pretend not to be able to understand you after you turn around to ask him what his problem is in perfectly good English and call him out. It is not having said white boy then pull out his phone and try to take a picture of you “for Facebook”.

White privilege is not having to take a different route back from the shops, holding your keys in one hand in case you are attacked, and glancing around you constantly. It is not wanting to call the police, but knowing that they never do anything, that the last time this happened they were dismissive, got there half an hour after you called (by which time the harassers had long left) and told you off for wasting police time. It is not being scared to go out again that day in case you see those people again. 

White privilege is not ever having to question and doubt and blame yourself, to wonder if you should have gone out, taken that route or even confronted them at all, despite the fact you were taking the 5-minute walk to the shops in one of the most expensive to live, and supposedly safe, areas of one of the most diverse cities in the UK (Birmingham), in broad daylight. White privilege is not wondering if you should move, as this is not the first time this has happened, but also wondering, if you’re already living in a supposedly “nice” and “safe” area in a city full of POC people and still get street harassed for your race, is there anywhere really left to move?


White privilege is Jennifer Lawrence’s status as America’s BFF cemented by getting wasted at the Oscars and vomiting in a drunken stupor at Madonna’s party. This is celebrated “real person” behaviour, down-to-earth and adorable by the general public. I’m pretty sure the same plaudits would not be extended to fellow nominees Gabourey Sidibe and Jennifer Hudson if they did the same.

Submission from http://noiresque.tumblr.com/post/84461512037/white-privilege-is-jennifer-lawrence

Submission from http://noiresque.tumblr.com


White privilege is when you can make as many racist jokes as you want, but the moment someone calls you out on it, decide that they’re the ones being unfair

submission from croma-ardeo


White privilege is thinking one’s university is diverse for having 2-3 individuals of color per class.


White privilege is acting as if you have the RIGHT to claim what race a POC is

submission from croma-ardeo


White privilege isn’t having a tv station ran by your own race have morning shows dedicated to how to make yourself look “whiter” or have a smaller nose and show you numerous methods of basically erasing your race.


White privilege is not having your ethnicity questioned.

I am first-generation American. My parents came to this country from Africa so it only makes sense that I identify with my African heritage. I speak the language, eat the food, and practice traditions. So when I say I do not identify with African-American culture because it IS different from mine it doesn’t matter because “We’re all black anyway” right? Yet the second someone calls you white you correct them and say, “I’m Irish/Italian/Scottish/etc.” then all of a sudden the differentiation matters. 


White privilege is a white feminist calling the term “Persons of Colour” “ridiculous” in a discussion that’s meant to be about the way POC are portrayed on reality TV. When she is called out by an Asian woman and has it explained to her why calling the way we describe ourselves “ridiculous” is problematic, she accuses the Asian woman of being “ridiculous herself,” “shit-stirring,” and “deliberately misconstruing what I said”, despite the fact that all the other girl has done is politely share her perspective and ask the white feminist to be more considerate in future.

Another white feminist then tells the POC to “calm down”.



White privilege is never having your beauty excused for “being Korean”. It is never having someone decide you’re only pretty because of your half Korean blood in you. White privilege is never being asked if you have any older Korean brothers that they can drool over. White privilege is never having someone dehumanize and fetishize yourself and your family, and being told that your genetic makeup is “so exotic and a beautiful mix.”


White privilege is not having people assume your parents do not love you because you were born female to a Chinese family. White privilege is not having to defend yourself against people who assume you were almost aborted when your parents found out you have two X chromosomes. White privilege is not being cut off when you try to explain that your parents love you very much, because the white person speaking to you has watched one or two documentaries about how much the Chinese hate their female children, and that makes them much more qualified to dictate the entire nation’s attitude towards women than someone who actually is a Chinese woman.

White privilege is not having your family’s support and love for you invalidated because everyone knows “your people” can’t possibly love their daughters.


White privilege is being able to wear jeans to a baby shower and not immediately be mistaken for “the help” by the first woman who walks in. (For what it’s worth, several guests were wearing jeans, but no one else was wearing jeans while Asian.)

White privilege is being able to lend a hand in the kitchen, while wearing said jeans, and not being told to “bring me something to drink”.

White privilege is not being able to understand why I then proceed to give you the cold shoulder the rest of the afternoon.


White privilege is pretending to be from Afghanistan to send a “joke” to an airline that you’re planning on planting a bomb. Everyone is threatening to refund their tickets and panicking because all they see is a brown Arab terrorist. When the airline submits your information to the FBI you straight away admit you are white dutch and beg the airline not to do anything, suddenly the whole world is at your side and mocks the FBI for arresting a teenager on a “harmless joke”.