White privilege is not having to worry about your dreams to be an actress. 

White privilege is not having to worry about your dreams for the future because deep down inside you know that Hollywood is a world for white people and while there is some sort of improvement, nothing really rolls in favor of Asians in Hollywood.

White privilege is watching the Oscars and all the other prestigious awards events and not wondering why barely any Asians or POC get awards for acting. 

White privilege is never having to wonder if you didn’t get the callback because you weren’t white.


White privilege is somehow turning what seems to have been a tragic disaster into something all about you and your racism. White privilege is going on about the lost Malaysian Airlines plane that’s all over the news right now and saying that “of course security at the airport wasn’t tight” “because it’s a poor, backwards Asian country” and that “given the DEMOGRAPHICS of Malaysia security should have been much tighter!”

Malaysia, a country I am proud to be from, is definitely not “poor and backwards” by any standards, nor does being Asian somehow make a place that. In fact, ALL of the world’s poorest countries I can think of are actually like that as a direct result of colonialism. Read: not the fault of Asian/African/POC people, but white racists like Mr British Person Who Should Know Better But Should Also Really Shut Up If He Must Choose To Be So Ignorant.

It is also [incomprehensibly] offensive to imply with the word “demographics” that just because Malaysians are either Asian and/or mostly Muslim security should be tighter. The vast majority of Malaysians are not terrorists, and terrorist attacks have been committed all over the world, including with countries with very different “demographics” such as England.

White privilege is also whining, a few minutes later, about “oversensitive PC people” (read: those who call you out on your shit) and insisting loudly that “people from certain backgrounds are just more likely to be terrorists” in a pathetic attempt to speak over those from THAT VERY SAME BACKGROUND and somehow justify your [disgusting] racism.

[edited with permission]


White privilege is complaining when a black man is cast as a canonically white superhero, but when a canonically PoC character is whitewashed you defend it with reasons like “maybe the white actors who auditioned were simply more talented” and “ugh why do PoC have to make everything about race?!!”


White privilege is being able to follow your dreams of playing punk music without people telling you that “you’re black, you should like rap!” and that “someone like you can’t make it in a white music industry”. White privilege is speaking 4 different non-African languages without people telling you that “4 African languages don’t count” and playing 9 different instruments without people asking “if one of them is steel pan”.White privilege is being able to win awards for your achievements without people thinking you cheated your way to an academic excellence award and white privilege is being able to tell people that actually, no, you were born here, but you’re half Asian and half brown, and actually not black at all, without them saying that it’s all “basically the same thing”. White privilege is being able to be yourself and speak proper English without people telling you that “you’re trying to turn yourself white”. White privilege is being able to tell people you’re an atheist without them telling you that “all Filipinos like church!”

White privilege is being able to freely be yourself without being told that how you are is not how you should be.


White privilege is not having to questioned by a white female why I live in America if I  choose to criticize it. If a white person were “hating” on flaws of the American system, he/she would be considered an outspoken activist rather than my being considered a hateful terrorist.


White privilege is not having to hear people be legitimately thankful that you, as an Indian, do not smell.


White privilege is being able to talk about how you were exactly like POC based on stereotypes and not have to worry about a single thing POC go through. It’s being able to assume someone else’s identity as black or asian just because you had fried chicken and kool aid for your picnic or studied for your exam while having ramen. White privilege is taking all the “nice” parts of being a POC without having to worry about microaggressions or danger that comes with having a different color skin.


White Privilege is having cable and network TV channels that feature people that look like you living lives that mimic yours 24/7 being seen as basic cable, but channels that feature people that look like me are considered a “special package” with obscene fees. I love TVONE, Centric, Bounce, etc but i hate having to paying an extra 50 bucks a month just to have channels that feature Black movies, sitcoms, documentaries that I can relate to.


White privilege is not having to comfort your middle-school aged brother after he heard racist comments. White privilege is not having your little brother doubt his own self-worth because of stereotypes that racist kids spouted out. White privilege is not having to try to go up to the school’s dean because the school’s not doing anything to stop those racist comments.


White privilege is being able to listen to “loud” rap music while in a car with your friends without a crazy white man shooting 10 rounds of bullets into your car killing one of your friends.


TW: child abuse

White privilege is not having your teachers in primary school believe that you never talk or speak to people  because your asian, (obviously because asians have a hard time speaking English, apparently) even though that is the only language your parents speak to you in.  

It is not having your teachers tell your parents not to teach/speak your language to you (mine being tagalog) because that is obviously the reason why I have speach difficulties. (even though they didn’t talk to me in that language anyway).

It is not being forced to go to ESL (English as a second language class) because your Asian, even though my first language is English and to this day my only language.

It is never having the real reasons for my inability/refusal to speak, properly addressed.

It is not having people assume that Asian= can’t speak English properly. Rather than the real reason, I was so terrified of authority I never spoke, because to speak was to disrespect the powers that be. Because in my home there was violence, and to speak would bring punishment.

It is not wondering perhaps the teacher would have questioned more at my silence, and as a result the outcome of those violent experiences might have been less isolating and less difficult. 


White privilege is not being asked “if you still experience racism” as if someone thinks that it might not be a thing anymore whether you’ve experienced it or not. 

White privilege is being half Irish and being able to wear a ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ shirt without someone telling you that you can’t be Irish because your skin is dark. 

White privilege is not being asked if you’re adopted because your mom is light skinned.  

White privilege is not being told that the way your hair grows naturally looks unprofessional.

White privilege is so many things, but mostly it’s being able to not notice what white privilege is. It’s being a non-racist but still an innocent oppressor. It’s being able to say “I didn’t ask to be born white” as if that takes it away or makes anything any easier for PoC.


White privilege is not having your “ethnic” name turned into an “easier to say” Anglo-Saxon name


White privilege is not having your Nigerian father ask you if you’re ashamed or embarrassed by him due to his colour.


White privilege is celebrating the day where thousands of Aboriginal people were murdered, raped and robbed of their country and not once thinking of that.

White privilege is not having to recognise that “Australia Day” is a degrading and oppressive day that lets Indigenous people know that they are still not respected the way they should be after so many years.

White privilege is not having to genuinely explain to others why you won’t celebrate on this day, as if it isn’t 100% obvious. 

White privilege is not having to think about your race almost being wiped out on this day of “celebration”. 

White privilege is celebrating death of Indigenous people.