White privilege is not having to change your name just because people find it hard to pronounce. White privilege is not having to deal with people calling you “chinky” or having people ask you how you are able to see because your eyes have a different shape. White privilege is not having to deal with your peers or the kids you babysat pulling the edges of their eyes at you while chanting “Chinese, Japanese, ching chang chong”. 

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    I am not denying that the eye thing is fucking nasty and nobody should use the term “chink” in any non academic context,...
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    Man don’t I know it. I get people trying to explain homophobia, ableism and classism to me too! (I’m bisexual, disabled...
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    To be fair, I had Europeans constantly tell me how backwards and how terrible America is. So it works both ways.
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    Just like I constantly have straight people trying to explain homophobia to me, non-disabled people trying to explain...
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