elysianqueen said: I've been reading this blog for a bit and I gather that you don't want white people to use their white privilege to help dismantle white privilege. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way but: what DO you want from white people? Are we allowed to help and if so how can we in a way that's unoffensive to you? :)

Literally nothing about this blog has anything to do with white people.


  1. tipsyfictionwriter said: I can’t at these repetitive clueless azz asks.
  2. n-ateweeks said: yo the title of your blog has a little bit to do with white people
  3. herbageek said: So because people assume I’m white until I correct them…I’m the problem? I don’t understand why everyone has to be so rude. I’m too Indian for the white people and too white for the Indians. Screw you all, how about that?
  4. singhsdoingthings said: haahahahhaahha I refuse to put white on my blog either, in any way possible.