New rules for all anons/anti-SJ blog runners claiming not to be white


You must submit no less than five photos of yourself, taken at different times, all within the timespan of 1 year. These photos must have a approximate date, a explanation of what you were doing, who took the photo, and how you felt at the time it was taken

You must submit no less than one additional name/URL who will be able to confirm that these photos are indeed of you. 

If you are claiming that a certain event happened (“my white friend was shot for being white/etc.), you must submit no less than three photos of you and this white friend, a photo of this friend’s obituary if they died, news articles surrounding their supposedly race-based attack, and if they are still among the living they must send a message corroborating your story.

If you are claiming whiteness and that something bad happened to you based on your race, you must include photos of the person(s) who attacked you, some form of news article about it and/or a personal account from the people who attacked you explaining why they attacked you. You must also submit a maximum 500 word essay on why you think they attacked you, how you felt about it, and how you responded.

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