I feel like the way you treated the kid asking for help on her article was uncalled for… S/he wasn’t asking for homework help, s/he wanted help educating people on an issue that s/he (and you) find insulting. It’s not for a grade, just for awareness. And while I understand it’s not your job to educate people, I don’t think it’s out of line for someone to ask since 1. That’s what you’re currently doing with this blog and 2. All you had to do was say no. Not be rude. It was a question, not a demand. Usually I support this blog and the way it deals with things, but like I said, I just found that uncalled for.

Oh look, another fucker telling me how to feel. Fuck off.


  1. afrofatminist said: No one is telling you how to feel. Perhaps you need to reread.
  2. frostindustries said: Good lord. It’s not your responsibility to educate other groups on minority issues, especially not in a PROOFREADING capacity. It’s derailing and appropriation of a minority space to begin with, and this chiding comment is tone policing.
  3. mimblexwimble said: They only told you how they feel…
  4. mxmlmn said: What the fuck are you even talking about? They never even said anything close to telling you how to feel.