Having white privilege does not mean



  • that your life is awesome
  • that you are rich
  • that you are happy
  • that you are perfect and/or flawless
  • that you are pretty
  • that you are abled bodied, cis, straight, or male
  • nothing bad ever happened to you ever
  • that a black/POC has never done some fucked up shit to you
  • that black/POC can’t do fucked up shit
  • that black/POC are perfect/flawless
  • that you never cried
  • that you never had pain
  • that your family was here during slavery
  • that you are intentionally a bad, terrible person
  • that you can’t have a shitty day
  • that all white people every where never had anything bad happen to them ever
  • that your pain isn’t a valid emotion(do not mistake valid with appropriate, needed/wanted, unnecessary in a certain time or place)

What having white privilege means:

  • You, because of your whiteness and your whiteness alone, have uncountable and unfair advantages over POC because of centuries long oppression. These advantages can help you in every aspect of life and are completely unwarranted and built on murder, death, and hate. 
  • That you need to recognize this and get over it and work with POC to make everything 100% equal for everyone ever(who would say no to that?)
  • That once everything is 100% equal in all aspects of life, there will be no white privilege to loathe. 


I mean yeah

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