Anonymous said: The anon who is white and into jazz - You said he can listen to and play music from poc without it being appropriation. At what point does it become appropration? How is Lana Del Ray using black vocalization techniques when she sings different from anon who plays music created by black people? Obviously Lana appreciates the black vocalization or she would not use it? The double standard of "black people using black things" and "white people using black things" doesn't apply to that anon?

It’s different because Lana purports herself as “original” and “exotic.” Through that, she became rich and famous. She’s not original or exotic at all. She’s just a white girl stealing from black and latin@ cultures. Meanwhile, actual black people and latin@ people are struggling to get work in the music industry with their own style, as evidenced by artists like Pit Bull and Usher who constantly have to subscribe to Eurocentric styles in order to get on the radio. It’s appropriation because this society has set up a weird system where blacks can’t be black, but whites can be black.