some helpful reminders about sex workers ♥

If sex workers aren’t selling their bodies, what are they selling?

their time, the sexual experience that they’re having/creating, and the products that they create.

After we are finished providing someone with our services, we still have our bodies. Patriarchy says that when a woman has sex, all or part of her body belongs to the person she slept with. We say that’s bullshit. Our bodies now and forever belong to us and us alone.

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Yale MFA graduate Jordan Casteel’s Galen (2014) is an obvious standout. Her skills as a painter and familiarity with post-Impressionist artists Matisse and Cézanne are obvious in both her work’s unconventional colors as well as its composition.–Interview Magazinethis is the same jordan that went to agnes right!? Ahhhhck I remember being a first year and thinking she was so great… And cute!





Yale MFA graduate Jordan Casteel’s Galen (2014) is an obvious standout. Her skills as a painter and familiarity with post-Impressionist artists Matisse and Cézanne are obvious in both her work’s unconventional colors as well as its composition.–Interview Magazine

this is the same jordan that went to agnes right!? Ahhhhck I remember being a first year and thinking she was so great… And cute!


if your privilege/oppression framework is defined solely according to “these people get a kind of flak these people don’t get” and not “these people are actually materially exploited by these people” then you get all kinds of bullshit like vanilla privilege or, idk, non-goth privilege. tall privilege. you can apply it to literally anything

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Antiwar activists carry rocks up a hill and pile them in formations to block construction of a U.S. naval base on South Korea’s JeJu Island, only to have them removed again by authorities.

From photo series, “Repeatedly Destroyed, but Continuously Constructed Art” by Emily Wang, Sung-hee Choi

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Hello everybody!


This blog is a safespot for Middle Easterns. We’re widely ignored in a lot discourse about racism and I’m hoping with this blog we can bring us into the light. This blog will not do a lot of discussion about Islam because Islam is not the only religion in the Middle East and I want to be as inclusive as possible to all Middle Easterns. I also want this blog to be a place where we can praise and uplift each other. Here you can submit things about your country and then we can fawn over it together! 

“International work” done “for” LGBTs (or women, development, girls, you name it) from the USA is, first of all, a great industry giving jobs to a vast majority [within the organizations] of USA citizens and also to a few privileged ones from the Global South (I was once among the latter, so I know what I am talking about). There are always a few good souls thrown in the mix, who normally can’t resist too many years. For too long our misfortunes (patriarchal social norms, authoritarian governments, condoned forms of violence, subordinated economies) have made the North rich, sometimes through jobs “saving us” and other times more directly, like in the case of the profits made by the vulture funds or the arms dealers. And they also serve to hide the existence of quite similar phenomena in the Global North itself and to keep the fragile national pride and self-esteem of our “saviours” intact.”
Tips on Submitting White Privilege


So you’ve submitted a privilege. It’s been an hour and you KNOW one the of the mods is online. Why wasn’t it posted?

  1. We’ve covered the topic you submitted extensively and your privilege does not contribute more to the discussion. Sorry, we try to keep this place tidy!
  2. You’re white and your submission made me feel uncomfortable.
  3. One of us just didn’t think it applied. Maybe we thought it was more of class privilege. Or it just wasn’t white privilege at all.
  4. The reason why I, chauvinistsushi, delete a lot of them is because they weren’t white privilege but microaggressions.

What the fuck is a microaggression?

Here’s the wikipedia page.

Here’s an excerpt from microaggressions

Each event, observation and experience posted is not necessarily particularly striking in and of themselves. Often, they are never meant to hurt - acts done with little conscious awareness of their meanings and effects. Instead, their slow accumulation during a childhood and over a lifetime is in part what defines a marginalized experience, making explanation and communication with someone who does not share this identity particularly difficult. Social others are microaggressed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

Hypothetical example of submissions I delete:

White privilege is saying “Ni hao” to me on campus and talking to me about Mao. I don’t know this dude. I’m Filipino and was raised in West Texas.

That’s a mircoaggression. It makes people feel like shit but we usually shrug it off cause “it wasn’t that big of a deal”. But it was and it hurts. You can submit this to microaggressions. I recommend that everyone follow it!

But CS, I wanna submit it here!

Okay well here is how you can reword and submit the one above

White privilege is not having strangers assume you know another language cause you look “European” therefore you should know whatever language they think all Europeans speak AND you know history about Europe.

So our hypothetical submitter here is Filipino. As a Asian POC she regularly has people assume that 

  1. She’s not from the U.S
  2. She speaks whatever language they think Asians speak
  3. Assume all Asians are the same
  4. Assuming that she knows everything about Asia (remember the aggressor thinks Asia one giant place)
  5. a combination of all of the above

White privilege is never having to deal with any of this shit.


White privilege is not understanding why it’s offensive to say “ni hao” and talk about Mao to a stranger who’s Filipino and spent most their life raised in West Texas 


I hope this clears things up. Please feel free to resubmitt.



White privilege is not having your immigrant parents hide “ethnic food” whenever your white friends come over because of that time in primary school one of your white friends looked at your mum’s congee and sardine and called it “cat food”. 

Submission from N L



American narcissism is telling immigrants that they should be grateful to live here, when it’s, more likely than not, some form of American interference that destabilized their home nation.





"I don’t think that my work is actually effectively dealing with history. I think of my work as subsumed by history or consumed by history." —Kara Walker

New episode from Art21’s Exclusive series: An in-depth look at the creation of Kara Walker’s monumental public project for Creative Time, A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby (2014), at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, NY.

WATCH: Kara Walker: “A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby”

IMAGES: Production stills from the Art21 Exclusive episode, Kara Walker: “A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby”. © Art21, Inc. 2014.


She is right.

I went to see this and wasn’t prepared for the amount of random inexplicable whiteness in the crowd. Here I am thinking only black folks concerned with this will be viewing this and it was a whooooooole lot of white folks. It only made me uncomfortable because I couldn’t figure out what would make them want to view it, what led them to it, and for that reason, I was positive the message would be but a whisper to them. Something they couldn’t understand at all.

Now I’m not sure what reaction she expected/wanted, but walking through the empty, haunting venue, I was annoyed that I couldn’t separate my viewing pleasure from the consuming white gaze. It was everywhere. I could barely take in the pieces of work because I was surrounded by jeering white people. Watching them consume these little black bodies and feel nothing like the sorrow that took me instantly. And then they were walking through the puddles of liquid sugar that was part of the art. Letting their children touch it. But in a way they became part of the artwork. It was like a presentation on the white gaze and their consumption of PoC.

Anywho, that shit was hard for me. I’m telling you old white couples stood by the grand ass of the mammy sphinx and smiles arm-in-arm for photos. SMILED. Hee-haw, a big ol’ butt y’all. Like the irony hurt. It hurt. Probably don’t even know what a mammy is. So yeah, the work isn’t critical of history is a sense that these oblivious people learn something. It’s kind of a product of history, or an example.

It took Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts 12 years to round up and murder 6 million Jews, but their Teutonic cousins, the British, managed to kill almost 4 million Indians in just over a year, with Prime Minister Winston Churchill cheering from the sidelines. Australian biochemist Dr Gideon Polya has called the Bengal Famine a “manmade holocaust” because Churchill’s policies were directly responsible for the disaster. Bengal had a bountiful harvest in 1942, but the British started diverting vast quantities of food grain from India to Britain, contributing to a massive food shortage in the areas comprising present-day West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Bangladesh. Author Madhusree Mukerjee tracked down some of the survivors and paints a chilling picture of the effects of hunger and deprivation. In Churchill’s Secret War, she writes: “Parents dumped their starving children into rivers and wells. Many took their lives by throwing themselves in front of trains. Starving people begged for the starchy water in which rice had been boiled. Children ate leaves and vines, yam stems and grass. People were too weak even to cremate their loved ones.”

Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Untitled, 1988


Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Untitled, 1988

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White privilege is ignoring the opinions of PoC while arguing against racism.  If you do not experience the ramifications of racism then you cannot tell people how to end it.

In Response to ‘Not All White People…’


So, you know how a woman can talk about her experiences and then some neckbeard interjects with a hearty “Not all men…” and every woman/feminist everywhere collectively eye-rolls. WELL, y’all don’t realize this, but the same goes for the whole ‘not all White people’ starter. Of course not all White people do the things called out in this blog, but I guarantee you every Black person who lives in a majority White society has experienced these things first- or second-hand. If you can understand the impetus behind #yesallwomen, then why can you understand this: #yesallblackpeople