readyreadyreadytorocknroll said: Hello, I'm a DePaul University journalism student looking to do a story on social activism on tumblr. If you or any of your followers or following blogs are based out of Chicago/Surrounding areas and are focused on social activism on tumblr., could you please contact me so that I may set up an interview. I believe this is our generation's way of stepping up for our rights, and these stories deserve to be told. Thank you for reblogging!

Anyone know some social activism blogs based around Chi city?



The bookstore in my town has a racism section in honor of Ferguson and it gives me a lot of hope

#JusticeforMikeBrown, #ArrestDarrenWilson, #BlackLivesMatter, #Ferguson



The bookstore in my town has a racism section in honor of Ferguson and it gives me a lot of hope

#JusticeforMikeBrown, #ArrestDarrenWilson, #BlackLivesMatter, #Ferguson


Hate doesn’t breed hate. Hate inspires anger in victims of hatred and that anger is called hatred to delegitimize it and villainize people. If you wanna help people who are victims then first you gotta stop acting like they’re just as bad their oppressors and abusers.

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"FBI and every Missouri safety official meeting 2-3 times weekly to prep for riots"

Shaun King has found out the Military/National Guard are doing secret drills to shut down protesting thatwill come after Darren Wilson is not indicted.

They are also planning on shutting down the airports.

If you haven’t seen Shaun King’s first posts here is the link.

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bless Shaun he doesn’t give a fuck and he will literally GO IN

Just another regular request for Shaun King to get a Pulitzer for his work on this situation.



South Dakota Native Vote


South Dakota Native Vote




These three screenshots are from Black Women’s Health Imperative and include statistics and information regarding Black women and breast cancer (though of course Black people who don’t identify as women but have breasts are still at risk for breast cancer).

It’s the second leading cause of death for Black women. Despite a lower incidence rate in comparison to White women, we’re more likely to die from it. Health disparities and and the manifestation of racism/classism in healthcare are factors. 

take care of yourselves as best you can, sisters

My mother was diagnosed this week.  


Here it is TUMBLR your second chance at supporting MISPELLED on Indiegogo…..


22-Year-Old Saves Father, Mother & Sister From Ebola In Her Home

Fatu Kekula, one of the most amazing women I’ve ever seen.

oppressed group:*speaks about their lived experiences being marginalized*
Incomplete: A self-portrait series


It’s here! It’s finally live! Please take a moment to check it out, reblog or comment!

thevideogameboy said: Hi I stumbled upon this blog through another website and I read through most posts and I didn't like what I saw. I'm black and I go to a mostly black school in the south. At my school all of the black kids are very ghetto and just go to the bathrooms to smoke pot and skip class. Me and one other kid are the only good hard working black kids at the school. Most of the kids are very racist to the white kids and that makes black people look bad. So please stop it makes us look bad.

You’re not black.

medievaluniverse said: Hey, my school are having an assembly on Black History Month. The students organizing it are all black but I'm close friends with one of them and she asked me to help out (I'm a massive history nerd). I'm happy to but just wondering if you had any suggestions about how not to get too involved (I'm white), basically I really don't want to be one of those allies who tries to takeover, or make it about me. I would really appreciate any suggestions of how to help out but keep it about them not me. X

Just contribute as you’re asked.


If you’re going to Ferguson October, let Kim Moore know so she can add you to her twitter list.

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