eternallywicked said: in discussions about white privilege and racism, do you think it's better for white people to shut the fuck up and give the floor to a PoC or to use their position to shed light on privilege etc. I know different situations call for different things, but generally what's your point of view?

We’ve addressed this a lot. I don’t believe white people should leverage their white privilege to try and speak against white privilege, as that makes absolutely no logical sense. I do believe white people should listen, spread the word, and correct the behavior of their white peers, but the #1 absolute most important thing a white person should do is to critically examine their own behaviors and prejudices, making sure they are not perpetuating racism in their own lives.

Don’t think about it as “How can I stop other white people from being racist?” Thing of it as “How can I stop myself from being racist?” That should be your first priority.


Whenever someone calls me reverse racist, I’m just going to respond in wordpress spam bot language.

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snorlaxpoopface said: you're not exactly convincing anyone you're "indifferent" towards white people when you dedicate an entire blog to pointing out how privileged and racist-by-large they are. i'm interested to know just what goes on inside a victim complex like the multiple ones on this blog. i will gladly acknowledge racism occurs, but i don't believe racism is exclusive to any particular race. that in itself is a very racist thing to think whether your sociology professor told you so or not.

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

If you’re white and you come with good intentions, we have no beef with you. But if you come with bullshit, we will see through it every time. This is not a pat on the back factory and if you’re looking for someone to lick your fingers, go adopt a puppy.

recoveringzombie said: Attention fellow white people: STFU! Close mouths, open ears. JFC. You have NO idea how obnoxious you're being. Or maybe you do. Who the fuck knows. Try listening for a change. Goddamn! Signed, a fellow whitey sick of your shit.

Thank you for saying what we’ve been saying for three years. Finally the issue will be solved. Thank god we got this message. Your cookie is in the mail. Next time please mention that you’re white more often, or else how will we knooooow?

People think we hate white people, which is indicative of some really amazing mental gymnastics. It’s mindblowing that people can see a blog clearly and explicitly not about them, and somehow twist it into “they must hate me.”

No, we don’t hate you. We’re indifferent toward you. We feel nothing particular for you at all. Not a thing.

*sends three messages on a Friday night to tell me you don’t care about white privilege*

Clearly ya do.

One of my favorite things to do on this blog is to ignore white people’s feelings and watch their messages get longer, more aggressive, desperate to get a rise or reaction out of me, because they just ain’t used to someone not paying attention to them.

Like, they expect me to get mad, but in all honesty the worst thing you can do to them is be like, “So?” 

I love when white people expect me to care that they don’t believe in white privilege, because they get soooooo upset that someone would have the audacity to not even acknowledge their opinion.

Ignore a white person and watch them turn into a toddler.

mark-tracy said: To kinda further what the ask said, while there is obviously a racial hierarchy in the world, it really doesn't credit your cause to just discount everything a white person asks or tries to input on the subject, it's sort of Westboro-esque


snorlaxpoopface said: lol "What?" that's really the best you can do? this blog has to be satire, i'm utterly convinced now. you really threw me for a whirl there. no one can actually take themselves this seriously and be as fucking stupid as you all act in your responses to criticism. okay, i can put my curiosity to rest knowing this is all an elaborate joke, in which case, goodnight you master trolls. keep doing what you do (don't actually, tho)

What are you even talking about right now?

snorlaxpoopface said: PS: apparently none of the people running this blog know how to form a single sensible argument. all i've seen summed up is "you're white, therefore you don't get to talk or even try to defend yourself even if you've done nothing wrong". is that democracy to you people here at This is White Privilege? is that your idea of a bright future? this blog is the definition of "eye for an eye". i could end this by saying your black tears are funny, but that would be stooping to your level. get fucked.


theweemonster said: that person asking about AAVE actually reminded me to ask you something as well! is "tho" AAVE? or just an abbreviation of "though"? and can non-black people use it?

This isn’t my area of interest.


snorlaxpoopface said: I love how the admins of this page constantly label things in their hate mail section as "hate" and "condescending" when you are equally as hateful and condescending in your own responses and posts. so basically it's okay if "people of color" are fucking hypocritical, hateful and condescending, but it's suddenly a crime if white people do it? literally, go fuck yourselves. this blog is so damn cringeworthy and pathetic. i'll always deny white privilege because it's another racist generalization.

Welp, better pack it up. Tumblr user snorlaxpoopface has spoken.


millennialqueefs said: Hello, my question is about AAVE. I have seen many self proclaimed intersectional, but white, feminists on tumblr using 'y'all' in their personal posts frequently. When I call them out for using AAVE, they say its a southern thing and tell me to shut up. I just wanted to confirm that 'y'all' is AAVE cause now I'm all confused and wanted to clear it up with someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Thank you and have a great day!

Yall is used by every race down south. I’m actually more weirded out by hearing blacks from up north using it. It’s very much a southern thing.