Frequently Asked Questions.
  • What exactly is the point of this blog?

To compile one bajillion examples of white privilege.

  • This is stupid. There’s no such thing as white privilege.

I’ve got one bajillion examples that say otherwise. If you’d like to refute each and every one of them, you’re welcome to try.

  • You’re making racism worse by acknowledging race, you know. We’re all a part of the human race.

Race is a social construct. It is often used as a motivation for murder, genocide, war, and other terrible things. Those things happen because this country has been avoiding having a serious discussion on race. Let’s all sit down, be adults, and stop pretending there isn’t a problem.

  • I’m white and I love this blog, but the language you use seems so hostile and alienating. Why do you do that?

Part of white privilege is that society is crafted to appeal to you. This blog, however, is a PoC space, one that welcomes white people but does not craft it’s message specifically for white people. Therefore, you will naturally feel as if you are in a hostile environment. You will naturally feel alien. That’s a part of being an ally. Confronting your privilege, a gift you receive from white supremacy through the deaths of millions of PoC throughout the years, should make you feel pretty damn shitty. If you feel bad, it just means you’re taking the first important step.

  • I just read #??? and it doesn’t apply to me. Does that mean I don’t have white privilege?
Each of these examples won’t apply to every white person. They won’t apply to every person of color. That’s not the point though. The point is that we’ve been able to compile over 1500 unique examples of ways in which whites hold privilege over people of color. Some of these examples, such as your language being considered professional, your style of dress being the only way one can achieve employment, and people who look like you being on all our money, do indeed apply to all white people. Therefore, no matter how poor, gay, or disabled you are, you still have white privilege.

Um… could you not? Look, I get that you want to seem like an ally, but that shit is just weird. It creeps me out. If you’re white and want to express that you like the blog, just say something like “I like this blog.”

  • How come you didn’t post my message/submission?

If we don’t post your submission, it’s probably because it’s too general, has been done before, or we didn’t really think it counted as an example of white privilege. If we don’t post your message, it’s probably because we’re tired of talking about a particular subject, your message made us uncomfortable, or your message was so massively idiotic, it sent us into a sort of temporary coma from which we’re still trying to wake up.

Here’s some more details on why we might not have posted it.

  • Who are you anyway?

We are three black bloggers with attitude problems and a way with words.

  • I have an assignment for class. Can you help me out with it?

  • Where can I send media inquiries?

Your butt.

  • How can white people fight white supremacy?

Here, read the thing.

And another thing.

  • My best friend/boyfriend/father just said this really racist thing. How can I help explain to them that it’s racist?

We are not an advice blog. There are times when one of us might feel in the mood to help you with your problem, but that is a truly rare occurrence. For the most part, we’ll read it, leave it in the inbox in case someone else wants to answer it, and then after a few weeks it’ll be deleted. If you need advice, we recommend you seek out an advice blog focusing on topics of race.

  • This blog is way too focused on America. You don’t include a worldwide perspective.

There are two answers to this question. First of all, yes, for a blog about white privilege, our moderators have a relatively limited scope, as all three of us are Black Americans. That is something we are eager to change in the future. However, we receive submissions from all sorts of ethnicities and nationalities and make a purposeful attempt to highlight non-Western and racially diverse viewpoints.

  • Anything else?

We’re nice! We don’t want anything here to make it seem like we’re off-putting or don’t like getting messages or hearing from everyone who loves the blog or has questions. Always feel free to message us.